Team Pilot Car Registry at

2017 F-Body Nationals

Pilot Car Registry was sponsored by Chris at F-Body Nationals to attend their inaugural event in Memphis, Tennessee in the summer of 2017.  This was a special event for us, because it marked the first time that an additional owner displayed with us.  Mr. Brent Miller, the curator of N100031, The Jacksonsville Accessory Car...was present in addition to N100001.  Brent has been involved with Pilot Car Registry for several years, so he is part of the family.  Our display was the highlight of the show and we were honored to attend.   During this show, Pilot Car Registry was aired on televised news programs nationally.   If you have never been, F-Body Nationals is a one-stop venue.  In addition to being a show that showcases all years of the F-Car...they also host a full line of vendors, autocross racing, and several days of straight line drag racing.  It was pretty incredible and the graciousness of our hosts can not be understated.  Mark your calendars, this show is a "MUST" to attend.

Team Pilot Car Registry Joined Again by our Friends N100031 & Curator: Brent Miller

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