Jeff Lyons


The first person to ever grace this page holds a special spot in the heart of Pilot Car Registry.  Jeff is a life-long Camaro enthusiast that saved an extraordinary piece of General Motors history from an estate sale many years ago.  As it turns out, it was the second color video...remember that color photography was in its infancy in the summer of 1966....that was shot of the Pilot Prototypes.  It was a promotional video to be used at the unveiling of the F car at the Detroit Sales Convention.  And at the time of the writing of this dedication, this film was not known to have existed.  Jeff is scheduled to be one of the Guests

of Honor at an upcoming General Motors event that is scheduled for late August of 2016.  It is a fitting bequest to the General Motors Heritage Center that will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Camaro.  Jeff's personal history with the car of his dreams has a very unusual story.  It is an October of 1966 Norwood car and it was purchased as his first car in high school for 400.00 dollars in 1979.  As with many of these stories, women and children become more important than the wheels of our the car was sold in 1982.  Fast forward the regret almost 30 years and our friend executes a random google search for the car's vin number and repurchases the car on his 50th birthday for the second and final time.  Ironically, right down the street from his home.  It doesnt get any better than that.  Thank you Jeff.

Jalal Salihi


The second person to grace this page is none other than Mr. Jalal Salihi.  If you follow our research with much enthusiasm, you will know that Jalal is the creator of the first fully functioning electric car in General Motor's history.  Jalal was the lead engineer and scientist in charge of building Electro-vaire I.  Feeling a little humbled at the moment of writing this, words can not express my feelings of admiration and appreciation we feel for this man and his accomplishments.  Logan and this team documented Jalal's life long pursuit of technologies that would advance mankind....and when he learned of Logan's acceptance into Cal Poly, he wanted to support him in his future endeavors.  We will always refer to this as the "Salihi Scholarship Fund".   We love you Jalal.  We love you Mary.  Admire the hummingbirds in the back yard until we see you again.

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