Immediately prior to General Motors Unveil use of N100001 at Belle Isle, Pilot Car Registry was approached by Muffy Barrett and Craig Jackson to facilitate a display honoring the Norwood Factory Manager, Mr. Herb Leitz.  This was coordinated from all ends by content consultant and author Phil Borris…..Echoes of Norwood.  With a dire prognosis of only months to live, this website obliged on a moment’s notice and pledged its support.  A media event ensued at the Barrett-Jackson Showroom and N100001 was reunited with the Manager that oversaw Camaro production during his tenure.  Herb and his family in its entirety were treated like royalty by the Barrett-Jackson Family and the media…and this site was honored to be a part of it. Pilot Car Registry was represented by Corey Lawson, Jamie Schwartz, and Phil Borris.  Special thanks goes out to Phil and Vi Borris, Craig Jackson, Muffy Barrett, and the family and friends of Herb Leitz.  Herb passed on July 31, 2015, shortly after the reunion.  He will be missed by many.  A photographic and media history follows below.

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