When this research began in 2010, it was my goal to research, document, and authenticate these F-Car Pilot Prototypes.   This study encompassed tens of thousands of research hours, as well as, factory documentation, personal interviews, and factory photos.  Until this research was completed, many factors of this program were thought to be random within the car hobby.


 With the help of General Motors and our expert volunteers, our research proved conclusively that there was virtually no randomness to the planning of these builds. To this extent, our research has confirmed that the information contained on the cowl tags fits perfectly to the planning stage of these builds in Frank Beaulieu’s office.  Several years later, Pilot Car Registry would come to possess the official body number listing of all the Pilot Prototypes contained within this research.


  Authentication of the ten cars known to exist was the final test and it was definitive.   Armed with the personal inspection of these ten examples, it became abundantly obvious that this information would be well received by all that had interest.  It also created the conundrum that this same information could be used to create perfect fakes or “air” cars.  To this extent, this information cannot be released to the public.


This same dilemma exists with all the individual Pilot Prototype tags, Pilot Prototype stickers,  Pilot Prototype markings, and Pilot Prototype parts that exist on these cars from their initial prototype hand-built format.  With the integrity of this historical program at stake, as well as, the historical significance of the surviving examples…. it must be the position of this researcher and the Registry to keep this information private and only share said findings with the owners of these Prototypes and The General Motors Heritage Center.   All remaining facts and information gleaned will be shared free of charge in a completely transparent manner.



All of the Vehicles produced by  the former General Motors Corporation at its long expunged Norwood, Ohio factory are all existing trademarks of the new General Motors Company.  Any and all historical marks as used here are used for identification, description, illustrative, and educational purposes only.  This site is not affiliated with General Motors Company.



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