Pilot Car Registry has dedicated itself to protecting the integrity and historical significance of all the Pilot Prototypes contained within.  In addition to personally authenticating all ten cars that are known to exist, the website obtained all the information contained within the Law Enforcement Databases on all 52 cars that are historically documented.


 Armed with our personal authentication processes that include the individual differences between these hand-built prototypes and assembly line vehicles….we also decided to keep the cowl tag information proprietary.  This insured that abuse of this website could not occur with the creation of fakes and clones.


With respect to the Law Enforcement Database material, we have documented proof in print form of the Pilot Prototypes that exist today.  We only confirm the existence of a car after personally viewing the example and after the authentication process is complete.  To this end, the Law Enforcement Database material must remain private and in the hands of a common governing body.  This information will only be used to rectify conflicts that may occur in the future or flush out counterfeit cars.


All of the Vehicles produced by  the former General Motors Corporation at its long expunged Norwood, Ohio factory are all existing trademarks of the new General Motors Company.  Any and all historical marks as used here are used for identification, description, illustrative, and educational purposes only.  This site is not affiliated with General Motors Company.



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