A celebration of Life - James “Jim” Seim


After Jim Served in the U.S. Army He started his working career in 1959 with General Motors Corporation Chevrolet Division at Norwood Assembly.  After a period of distinguished service at Norwood, Jim was handpicked in 1965 for transfer to Flint Michigan Chevrolet Assembly research division.  In this role Jim was appointed as a Senior Process Engineer and part of the team responsible for the development and testing of the new “F” car that would later be called the “Camaro” in 1967.  In this role Jim served as the Pilot Prototype assembly coordinator for process refinements between the GM Norwood facility and the GM Los Angeles California facility located in the nearby city of Van Nuys.   By 1968 Jim received his next assignment to the 1968 Corvette development team again in the role of pilot program coordinator.  Following the successful launch of the 1968 Corvette Jim transferred to the Chevrolet St Louis Assembly facility where he assisted local management in the start-up of the second shift assembly operation there.   By 1969 Jim had decided it was time to return home to the Cincinnati area coming home again to Norwood.  Jim’s first major assignment there was the management of the third shift (night) assembly operation as Production Manager in 1970.  At Norwood Jim continued to advance in position and responsibility and by 1973 accepted assignment to GM New Zealand to assist in production improvements for the final assembly of “knock down kits” shipped from GM in the US.  Upon His return to Norwood in 1974 Jim resumed his role as a production manager through his retirement from GM with the closure of the GM Norwood Facility.

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