Pilot Car Registry has been actively pursuing previously unknown research regarding the F-Car since 2010.  The vast majority of this research has been accomplished interviewing the retirees of General Motors that were involved in these programs.


This research has gleaned thousands of pages of original documents that were donated to our archives by these men and women.  Although some of these documents are sensitive, as well as, proprietary... the remaining documents will be shared in a totally transparent manor as the research warrants their release.


From F-Car Prototype Engineering Reports, internal documents regarding the Pre-Production days of the legendary Z-28, to development of the Electric Drive Program of the 1960s, and internal memos regarding these projects... they truly offer an illuminating look into this research.  In many cases, they resolve the speculation that has surrounded many of these General Motors Programs throughout the years.



Concealed Windshield Wipers

Lateral Retaining Seat

Pre-Production RPO Z-28 Program

1967 Indy Pace Car Program

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