Pilot Car Registry was honored to be asked to showcase its research and N100001 in the Chevrolet Booth at the 2016 SEMA Show.  In addition to being on display the entire week, N100001 was used to open the SEMA Show by Chevrolet VIP, Jim Campbell during his grand entrance that can be viewed below.  Pilot Car Registry worked closely with Lead Camaro Engineer, Al Oppenheiser, as well as, Todd Christianson, Director of Chevrolet Marketing.  A special thanks should also be given to Shawn Finnigan for running a flawless week.  This week marked the fifth time that Pilot Car Registry was invited and attended a General Motors Event to showcase the knowledge held within this website.  With many famous people showing enormous interest, one person was notably absent.  Our Founder, Logan Lawson was unable to attend because of college finals at Cal Poly.  He was missed by many, but we understand that his voice will be heard again.  The event was attended by Corey Lawson and Jamie Schwartz of Pilot Car Registry and a profound thank you was issued on live media for our participation by none other than Jim Campbell of General Motors.  The highlight of the week was the exit processional parade through the grounds of the SEMA Show......if you have never been, it is a "Must" attend.

N100001 Showing at SEMA in Collaboration with General Motors

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