Team Pilot Car Registry at

SEMA 2017 with N100013

Pilot Car Registry was honored to be asked to showcase its research and N100013, The Gear and Axle

Prototype, as a sponsored exhibit of Chevrolet at the 2017 SEMA Show.   Pilot Car Registry worked closely with National Show Director, Sean Finegan of Chevrolet. This week marked the seventh time that Pilot Car Registry was invited and attended a General Motors Event to showcase the knowledge held within this website.  In addition to being on display all week, Pilot Car Registry and N100013 were showcased live on Velocity Channel as a vehicle of historical importance.  Fortunately in 2017, the dates of the SEMA show didn't correspond with Finals dates at Cal Poly and our Founder, Logan Lawson was able to attend.  During this show, Logan was able to begin the process of authenticating two additional Chevrolet Pilots....a 1970 Chevrolet SS Chevelle and a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle.  It would seem that our research has begun to catch on, because additional owners are beginning to surface.  The event was attended by Logan Lawson, Corey Lawson, and Jamie Schwartz of Pilot Car Registry.  The highlights of the week were the Velocity Channel coverage and the exit processional parade through the grounds of the SEMA Show......this show never seems to disappoint.

Team Pilot Car Registry Interviewed

by The Velocity Channel

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