Mary Barra- General Motors CEO


Mark Reuss- GM Vice President


Al Oppenheiser- GM Camaro Vehicle Chief Engineer


Scott Settlemire- GM Product Manager


Sean Finegan- GM Corporate Event Vehicle Marketing, Manager


Phil and Vi Borris- Author “Echoes of Norwood”


Greg Wallace- GM Heritage Center, Manager


Christo Datini- GM Heritage Center, Lead Archivist


John Kyros- GM Heritage Center, Researcher


Jamie Schwartz- Research Manager, Pilot Car Registry


Marilynn Heitzman- NCRS Document Services


Craig Jackson- Barrett-Jackson, President


Greg Bennett-Barrett-Jackson, Vice President of Consignment


Muffy Bennett- Barrett-Jackson, Showroom Division, Manager


Jeff Catlin- Barrett-Jackson, Showroom Service, Manager


Rodney Scearce- Barrett-Jackson, Sr. Media Relations, Supervisor


Herb Leitz-Chevrolet Norwood Ohio Retired Assembly Plant Manager


L.G. Martin- Norwood Retiree “Ambassador”


Dan Wall- Norwood Retiree “Ambassador”


Terry Kiessling- Norwood Retiree “Ambassador”


Pete Noll- Norwood Retiree “Ambassador”


Harold Worley-Norwood Retiree “Ambassador”


Jay Stokes- Research Volunteer, Pilot Car Registry


Alex and Drew Money- Seven/Seventy Nine Video, Creative Director


Rebecca Beaulieu Margriff - France Beaulieu, “Mr. Pilot Line”, Daughter


Ester Caffrey- Frederick Caffrey, Spouse


Tom Ayers- R.T.Ayers, Son


Kent Vanhook- Oklahoma Tax Commissions, MVR Dept, Supervisor


Lee Ann Barrow-Lane- KSDOR, Sr. Customer Representative


Carolyn Anderson- KSDOR, Sr. Customer Representative


Sterling Classics- Restoration Specialist


Denise Stevelinck- Global Logistics Services,  Assistant Manager


George Keller- Reliable Carriers


UAW Local 647


Bob Ashton- MCACN


Richard Ellis- Entrepreneur, Friend


Trudy Lawson-Smartest woman I know, Mother


Austin Arheart - Pilot Car Registry



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