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"The Longevity Mule Video Car"



"F" Car Pre-Production Unit



Fleet  &  Special Order  5 - 2

Engineering - Test

Model - 12337

Body Style - Sport Coupe

Serial # 12337

Fisher  # DD11D


Paint # 900EE Deepwater Blue

Trim # 717AA Blue




Standard  -  L/6 230 cu. in. Engine

M35AB  -  P/G Transmission

K24AB  -  Positive Ventilation

P01AA  -  Wheel Trim Covers

P67AA  -  6 : 95 - 14 - 4 W/Wall Tires  (U.S. Royal Rubber)

U63AA  -  Radio

U73AA  -  Antenna

A39AC  -  Deluxe Seat Belts

V31AA  -  Front Guards

V32AA  -  Back Guards


Pilot Reliability Audit  -  6/10/66


Fisher Pilot Plant #  21  -  Detroit

Fisher Promise Delivered To Chevrolet  -  5/28

Vehicle Required At Destination  -  6/13

Destination  -  Proving Grounds

                            Milford, Michigan

                            Attention: C. Caswell


Final Destination  -  Warren, Michigan

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N100011,  “The Longevity Mule Video Car”, was delivered on May 28, 1966 from Fisher Body as coach #DD11D.  Like all F-Body Pilot Prototypes at Norwood, it started its hand built assembly in consecutive VIN number order as the eleventh build of the engineering study.  One of one on Fleet and Special Order # 5-2 made by Engineering Testing, it carried model # 12337.  This blue on blue coupe was the seventh coupe ever built.  With a 230 cubic inch power plant and a power-glide automatic transmission, its presence in the latter portions of the General Motors Jam Handy Video as the Longevity Mule Test Car make it a highly documented piece of early  Camaro history.   It was required to be received by C. Caswell at the General Motors Proving Grounds on or around June 13, 1966 for testing.  NCRS certificates show #11 being returned to corporate, Zone 0 and it is thought to have been used as a company promotional vehicle shortly thereafter. Extensive and exhaustive history searches have gleaned no documented ownership history.  Current whereabouts and existence is unknown as of 3-1-2015.


Note: See Pilot Statistics Page for help with explanation of research.

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